Megan Weinerman

Megan Weinerman is a copy writer extraordinaire who I'm working with on a project at Leo Burnett. She's got it going on here in a Sacai coat, not one but two Maison Martin Margiela‎
for H&M trompe l'oeil sequin dresses (layered one on top of another) and a pretty fabulous Proenza bag.


DIY - Denim Floral Crowns with Glossed and Found

To celebrate the glorious arrival of spring (aka festival season) we got crafty with Glossed and Found and did a little DIY Denim Floral Crown video. This DIY denim floral crown is a twist on the classic and is the perfect solution of what to do after you hack off your jeans to make those cool cut offs.

Makeup and beauty whiz Shanon O'Brien of Cheap Frills and Thrills did my hair and makeup and was kind enough to let me snap some pics of her looking GORG in this cute denim floral crown.

Check out how to make your very own DIY denim floral crown in the video below and if we move to fast for you, click the link below for step by step instructions.

Click the link below to get started!


Coffee Talk with Warby Parker & Britt Julious

I met up with the delightful writer and critic Britt Julious last month for a cup of joe at Wicker Park's  Cafe Streets.

We talked about lot's of things. Music you should listen to (Broods, Astr and Katy B) and the book she was reading On Being Blue by William H. Gas. Which is not about clinical depression but a book length essay on the color blue (Fascinating!).

Caffe Streets has VERY delicious lattes and spicy chai hot chocolate.

They use Metric Coffee that is roasted right here in Chicago.

Britt is sporting some fantastic nail art she got at Mojo Spa.

I of course had to document the fabulousness that is this outfit. Love the disco core of this outfit with her Ready To Stare chain.

Also, Britt has a pretty fantastic Tumblr called Britticisms which you should check out. You can also follow her on twitter @britticisms

I talked to two other fabulous people in the Warby Parker Cofee Talk Series.

Take a look at them here

Seth Putnam at Intelligentsia Coffee in Logan Square 

Meagan Fredette at The Bourgeois Pig in Lincoln Park


What to Wear: Coachella Festival Style

ZOMG Coachella is next weekend!!!!  What are you going to wear?!  Fear not, here are some delights from the ghosts of festivals past to give you  inspiration on what to rock in the here and now to the mother of all festivals.


Recipe: Home Made Peeps Cocktails

Spring is gloriously here which means we have finally emerged from the cruelty of this arctic polar vortex. It also means that Easter is right around the corner (April 20th to be exact). So I thought I would whip up the home made varietal of one of my favorite seasonal candies, Peeps! And make it even better by adding raspberry pink lemonade AND alcohol ;)

I made both yellow and pink bunny peeps. I used the yellow ones for the lemonade and displayed the pink ones on a bed of sugar on the table.

 This recipe will absolutely make your Easter Brunch so click the link below for the recipe.


Graham Kostic

I caught up with Graham Kostic, creative director of Glossed and Found when he came out to shoot do a little crafting with me for their spring issue.  Can't wait to reveal the video and project we worked on later this month.


Coffee Talk with Warby Parker & Collective Quarterly

I met up with Seth Putnam, at Intelligentsia in Logan Square a couple of weeks ago to talk about his latest venture Collective Quarterly, a magazine that examines the creative spirit through craftsmanship and travel.

Seth Shared one of his favorite spreads from issue "0" of the magazine where they explore in and around Marfa Texas.

Urban texture outside in Logan Sqaure.

You can preview the entire first issue online here, although this is the kind of magazine best felt in your hand (also the type is way too small to read in the demo!) You can purchase the for real deal here.

Seth is wearing Warby Parker's Chandler in Whiskey Tortoise.

The YCDBSOYA tie clip is from Seth's Grandfather and amazingly stands for "You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass". Which is very true.

Collective Quarterly — Issue Ø: Marfa from Collective Quarterly on Vimeo.

 I talked to two other fabulous people in the Warby Parker Cofee Talk Series.

Take a look at them here

Britt Julious at Caffe Streets in Wicker Park

Meagan Fredette at The Bourgeois Pig in Lincoln Park
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